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Restoring the True Self

What each Type is like at its worst and best.

TYPE TWO - Heart-Centred - may over-help you and expect something in return OR will both give and receive without expecting anything in return. 

TYPE THREE - Heart-Centred - may be successful but will have little time to to devote to the nuts and bolts of relating [to others] OR will be successful, loving and available to share more and prioritise relationships.

TYPE FOUR - Heart-Centred - may be emotionally flailing, projecting abandonment OR find balance and equanimity [through creative practices].

Excerpts and paraphrases from "The Power of The Enneagram" by Herb Pearce with Karen Brees. 
Penguin Books, Auckland NZ [2007]

For an assessment of your own personality 'Type' 
in The Enneagram Wisdom, do contact us.

EMAIL: Gabrielle/Gabi 

You will be surprised, shocked, or delighted by how you behave according to your own Type, and how you can soon easily celebrate the positives and transform the negatives. 

This is also a spiritual journey process, 
should you be seeking that. 

EMAIL: Gabrielle/Gabi 

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