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Difference - how to live and love inside that

If you are in the beginning stages of a relationship, some conversation and observation will help you learn just where your romantic interest is on that all-important journey of personal growth. Has this person developed qualities outside her/his core Type or worked to change some of its limiting or dysfunctional aspects?

Differences can lead to useful learning. Even if a situation is difficult or painful, it could be the very thing that takes YOU to a new level of integration. Learning from challenges or even from perceived enemies is sometimes the best learning.

Possibly the very qualities of another person that drive you insane are the very parts of yourself that you avoid looking at.

When we balance out what our Type needs to learn, conflicts with others may diminish somewhat.

NEXT TIME - forgiveness, forgivingness, and forgivenness

NOW...what do you think about that?

For a self-assessment of your own personality 'Type' 
in The Enneagram Wisdom, do contact us.

EMAIL: Gabrielle/Gabi 

You will be surprised, shocked, or delighted by how you behave according to your own Type, and how you can soon easily celebrate the positives and transform the negatives. 

This is also a spiritual journey process, 
should you be seeking that. 

EMAIL: Gabrielle/Gabi 

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