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TYPE TWO - Twos look for love by giving love; they tend to love too much; they hide their needs; they work to cheer-up others; they need to be with people.

TYPE THREE - Threes are image-driven; they are natural leaders; goals, results, and the bottom-line may prevent Threes from forming deep relationships; Threes like to acquire riches, possessions, and the Gold Ribbon.

TYPE FOUR - Fours focus on being unique; they need to be emotionally and creatively seen and appreciated; they search for an identity; they need support to simplify life; they teach us all to fully live and experience life.

For an assessment of your own personality 'Type' 
in The Enneagram Wisdom, do contact us.

EMAIL: Gabrielle/Gabi 

You will be surprised, shocked, or delighted by how you behave according to your own Type, and how you can soon easily celebrate the positives and transform the negatives. 

This is also a spiritual journey process, 
should you be seeking that. 

EMAIL: Gabrielle/Gabi 

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