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Many of the world's religions have this practice.

Q. I know meditation will be wonderful for my spiritual journey and my personal life, yet I still procrastinate...why is this?"

A. When we procrastinate it can be for a variety of reasons - laziness? disorganisation? fear of failure? anxious about change? So, as mentioned a few times STARTING is key to developing the practice. Prepare your body first, using tensing and relaxing movements starting with your feet and moving up to your head. Then close your eyes, notice your breath without changing it...and still your body and mind ready for these few minutes. THEN Set a gentle alarm on your phone for 5 minutes. 
30 minutes is optimum.
"We always have time for the thing we put first!"

At  Compassio Services we explore   thoughts and concepts very carefully  from a variety of perspectives, and with a  suite of tools and creative practices to choose from, including meditation.

Contact us to arrange a series of one-to-one meetings or a group gathering to do so. 

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