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CHRISTIAN Meditation
Many of the world's religions have a meditation practice.

Q. "Why do some Christians think Meditation is not really a Christian practice?"

CHRISTIAN MEDITATION is "to sit under the loving Gaze of God" and wait to see what God has to say to you.
Distractions will continue to annoy us. Even Fr Lawrence tells us he still is distracted, after 40+ years. When you notice you are distracted it is a lovely invitation to return to your 'word/s'.

 We ask nothing of God; we tell God nothing; we do not even verbally thank God at this time; nor do we praise God unless our 'word' or phrase happens to be a word of praise.

It is by turning up, by being present to God, in body, mind, and spirit, that we give thanks and give praise.

Change comes ... Something always changes.

Turn up.
Sit comfortably.
Adjust your sitting position. 
until you are comfortable.
[There are more body preparations 
that we can do as well}
Close your eyes or lower them to the floor
Notice your breathing.
Stay like this for 1 minute.
Do the same for 2 minutes.
Do the same for 3 minutes, continue day by day until you can manage 10 minutes.
30 minutes twice-daily is the goal

"Choose to live under the Gaze of your loving God rather than in the Glare of your own ego."
Richard Rohr; & Patrick Oliver

At  Compassio Services we explore   thoughts and concepts very carefully  from a variety of perspectives, and with a  suite of tools and creative practices to choose from, including meditation.

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