Compassio Services - Compassionate and Confidential

at COMPASSIO Services 
are private, compassionate,
 and confidential, 
and are professionally facilitated with

heart    intelligence    Spirit
to bring you through the Seasons of change 

and back to a hope-filled Summer

A professional conversation is an opportunity to meet with a professional who is a well-qualified "Listener", who has very curious and unique questions to pose to you regarding your current dilemma, either in your very concerning situation at work or/and a situation at home or anywhere in your life. 

The questions are both generic [i.e. can apply to anyone] AND intuitive [pertaining specifically to what you have shared, your tone of voice, the metaphors you use, your posture].

All types of people have these meetings 

We definitely DO NOT OFFER QUICK-FIX SOLUTIONS -        we engage in a process. Once having engaged for 3-6 meetings over 3-6 weeks, we then strongly suggest having 'maintenance' meetings once a month or more frequently...some by SKYPE, or face-to-face... some of the meetings are for celebration of what has gone well. Some people engage us for years [currently some clients have been with us for 11 years] others for months.

PHONE  +64-21-112-6804
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