Compassio Services - Compassionate and Confidential
   &  confidential
Intriguing questions will be posed about your work practice - e.g. Q. when my colleague tells only some of the truth, should I call her/him out? And how and where would I do that?

Your staff will not function well if they feel unsupported, BULLIED, misrepresented, and unappreciated. Whether they have work or home situations that need attention you can be assured that any support from you and us will make a difference to their productivity. Most Schools/Companies/Firms offer three Life-Coaching or Counselling meetings to staff. Choose us!

*** PEOPLE IN CRISIS...Do you just need an anonymous other to talk with about a past action or experience? Like a confession or admission of something playing on your mind?   
No charge for the first call or E-contact.    
*** Spiritual  companioning ... a time to sit in silence with someone who is God-aware. Also a time to talk over life circumstances, and to be invited into a deepening and widening relationship with God, The Divine One...however you would name this eternal companion in those circumstances. Relationships in other parts of your life will also benefit from this mahi wairua [spiritual work].                   

- Gabi [Gabrielle] DALY -
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