Trauma Counselling & survivors of 

Sexual Abuse

by ministe‚Äčrs or leaders of any church

COMPASSIO Services is now offering a koha/donation service to people in the

Tasman Bays District,

Aotearoa New Zealand

Please contact us to talk about this first.

021-112-6804 and leave a message

and your first name.

[email protected]

We will offer three meetings at first, of one hour duration each,

 a week or two apart.

Please bring a support person, yet only if you wish to do so.

A small koha is invited yet not required to help with the cost of 

the Counsellor's travel and the venue.

Our professional time will be free

for the first three meetings.

If you then wish to continue the good work of healing, there would be a discounted fee of $50 per meeting [usually $95]

payable on the day.

Some sexual abuse situations [traumas] will have happened a very long time ago,

yet the psychological and spiritual wounds will still 

itch, hurt, sting, paralyse, traumatise, confuse, 

and will have limited your progress in life to some degree.

We will gently assist you to remove the poison, air and cleanse the psychological and spiritual wounds,

refresh your perspective about your body,

to learn again to live within your body,

and assist you to name 'who you say you are'.

Please contact us to talk about this first.