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Responses are coming in to this invitation; to ensure we have the broad range of perspectives please contact Gabi to ask questions if you are unsure about being part of this. 

We have started writing a book based on a wide variety of women's experience as members of the Catholic church.

People interviewed so far: a woman who no longer attends Mass, and has been side-lined by the hierarchy. She was managed out of her job in the church. And we interviewed a woman who is pro-women in church leadership, has associations with amnesty international despite the church disapproving. 

AND...Recently a group of friends have indicated their interest to participate: each will have their own authentic story.

Are you perhaps the next person to be interviewed?

We truly do want a balanced perspective, so we will be interviewing all sorts of women who say they are very happily Catholic or were once, Catholic. The following list is not exhaustive or complete, yet these are some of the women we would like to give a voice to:

Single women without children
Single women with children
Children of clergy
Married [happily or not] women
Professional women
At-Home mothering women
Widowed women
Separated women
Divorced women
Divorced and re-married women without a church annulment
Divorced and re-married women with a church annulment
Opus Dei women
St Pius Xth women
Pax Christi women
Amnesty International women
Women converts to Catholicism
Alternative life-style women
Maaori women
Immigrant women
Pro-life women
Pro-choice women
Gay or Lesbian women
Asexual women
Bisexual women
Grandmothers parenting their grand-children
Religious Sisters and Mothers
Monastic women
Consecrated women
Women gifted as preachers/teachers - waiting in the church's wings
Women liturgical leaders - waiting in the church's wings
Women with a calling to the Diaconate - waiting in the church's wings

..........tell us more. Ask us questions.

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