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SYMPTOMS of the inability 
to achieve adulthood

[source unknown]
*Note the dualisms

anxiety attacks
*black-and-white thinking
compulsive behaviours
sexual addictions
substance abuse
co-dependency functioning
fear of disapproval
fear of failure
*feelings of inferiority
*feelings of superiority
*hate for authority figure
*idealisation of authority
*impulse problems
*inordinate need for approval
loss of personal power
need for 'permission'
inequal differences
*outbursts of rage
*passive-aggressive behaviour
parenting others
sexual identity struggles
"you can't do that" syndrome

NOW...ways to develop into an adult
practise being calm
engage in lateral thinking
having interests not addictions
independence & inter-dependence
living joyfully
not needing approval
succeeding more often than not
living co-equally
being moral
appreciating individuality
listening intentionally
acknowledging authority
being observational not critical
managing all passions safely
being adult not child-like
knowing who you are
taking calculated risks
being sensible
having fun as an adult

IF YOU RECOGNISE YOURSELF,  give us a call, we can assist you to move through, dig under, climb the mountain, or find a route around these things...and come out the other side.
Between 3 and 6 meetings 
should get you started. 
Some choose to have 'maintenance meetings once a month afterwards.

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