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2018 Personal Intentions

1.     Slow down - at home, at work, when driving,
        when playing, when praying!

2.     Turn off the screen — or at least be 
         intentional about your technology use.

3.     Get back in your body - walk, stroll, climb  
        a small maunga/mountain

4.     Reconnect with the natural world - as above 
        and more; belonging to a group e.g. Butterfly club,
        Bird club.

5.     Seek out an adventure - Gabi is preparing 
        herself for the Camino de Compostela trek in 2019

6.     “Spark” your JOY - have fun with someone - 
        music, art, comedy, theatre

7.     Cultivate relationships - some of us ALWAYS
         have to make the first move, that's just how it 
         is...accept it

8.     Nurture your relationship with God - going
        to church is not the only place to do so; find 
        an experienced Spiritual Director for 
        monthly meetings; amazing things happen -
        it's all God

Read these in full at the NCR website:

Art work by Michael Leunig, 
Australian Treasure 

At  Compassio Services we explore such thoughts and concepts very carefully and tenderly from a variety of perspectives, and with a  suite of tools and creative practices to choose from.

Contact us in 2018 to arrange a series of one-to-one meetings or a group gathering to do so.

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