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TYPE 3 - The Leader, The Peacock/Peahen, The Deceiver
IN THE HEART CENTRE of the Enneagram.

E-THREE : THREEs struggle with how they are perceived: physically, intellectually, and emotionally.
THREEs are very capable and are often found in Leadership roles. They groom very well indeed. THREEs know what they know, and are not often open to hearing something different; something that challenges their long-held or researched belief. When feeling usurped they may either lie or completely take over the project themselves, citing "they already have far too much to do, so I can do this for them."

For an assessment of your own personality 'Type' 
in The Enneagram Wisdom, do contact us.

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You will be surprised, shocked, or delighted by how you behave according to your own Type, and how you can soon easily celebrate the positives and transform the negatives. 

This is also a spiritual journey process, 
should you be seeking that. 

EMAIL: Gabrielle/Gabi 

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