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Q. what is self-care?
A. that is a very good question.Similar to the last question we answered on aloneness and loneliness: self-care is ensuring you have what you need in order to be physically well, safe, and joyful; and professionally developed, and personally and spiritually nourished. 
Journalling - is a good daily or weekly practice - where you write to 'self' about what has gone well, what has not gone well. You can pose some questions to 'self' there, and even answer them. Some people choose to pray their situation onto the page and ask God to respond to it. 
Drawing Mandalas - circle drawings - are excellent. Carl Jung did so for 2-3 months, daily, putting his 'self' on the page in whatever state it was in on that day. He could see his healing and development once he had recovered, looking at all the circle drawings lying chronologically in a row. The circle drawings were a very powerful tool for him, and for us, of self-care and recovery.

And a glass of wine or beer with dinner can be such a treat as well, especially if you have good company too. 

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