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Q. what if the decision I want to make causes distress to other special people in my life or workplace?
A. that's a very good question...Some of us are poor at decision-making for this very reason, that we are afraid we might get it wrong! In this instance, it has caused distress to some people. We recommend you do a few basic things - always consult, and really pay attention to what you are being told; making decisions quickly, by intuition because 'it feels right', is not a reliable way to manage major life decisions...yet it does have its place, particularly if you have a sensate or intuitive nature or personality Type.The next thing would be to put something in written or graphic form to show the ones you have consulted what each idea looks like. The visual message is very powerful, and your brain likes it...a lot. 

OR try this practice to make your next decision.

Edward de Bono devised the 'Six Thinking Hats' model. It has been around a few decades yet it still works really well in business and in personal life.

"Put on your thinking hat!"
There are 6 hats - RED, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, WHITE, BLACK.

We can apply them in any order and we can go back to each one a few times in the process. E.g. 
Blue - Red - White - Red - Black - Red - Blue - Yellow - Red - Green - White - Blue
BLUE hat thinking is about - what is the agenda [which hat to use first] and also as a summary midway, and at at the end.
RED hat thinking is about feelings, so it pays to check our feelings throughout, not just once.
WHITE hat thinking is about information - what information do we have already? What information do we need?
BLACK hat thinking is about the weaknesses that are showing up in this idea; the likely negative outcomes.
YELLOW hat thinking is about all that is strong and possible in this idea; the likely positive outcomes.
GREEN hat thinking is all the new ideas and different ways to proceed; or perhaps an old idea revisited.

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