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A professional conversation is an opportunity to meet with a professional who is a qualified "Listener", who has very clever and unique questions to pose to you regarding your current dilemma, either in your very concerning situation at work or/and a situation at home or anywhere in your life. The questions are both generic [i.e. can apply to anyone] and intuitive [pertaining specifically to what you have shared, your tone of voice, your posture].

All types of people have these meetings; 
anyone and everyone actually

This would usually not be a one-off meeting
because we DO NOT OFFER QUICK-FIX SOLUTIONS; we engage in a process. Once having engaged for 3-6 meetings weekly, we then strongly suggest having 'maintenance' meetings once a month or more frequently...some by SKYPE, or face-to-face... some of the meetings are for celebration of what has gone well. Some people engage us for years, others for months.

The listener is a Counsellor: we are all experienced Counsellors, yet we are also people highly qualified and experienced in the fields of Professional Supervision, Counselling, Psychotherapy.
Some of us call it 'Super' Vision, because we apply unique perspectives, use different creative 'lenses' to peer closely at the situation being discussed, and we have a variety of tools to enable us to carefully and sensitively 'excavate the site', the situation. What then results is a 'super' or 'superb' vision of the issue, which makes it seem less troublesome, more manageable, and sometimes, not even a problem after all.

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