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We are all dying in order to live                            

Gabi's Mum, Annette Joyce Daly [nee Grofski] went home to God recently aged 92.9 years. 

Gabi's 10 siblings and other family arrived from across the globe: from England, Ireland,  and Australia, to celebrate the life of a woman who lived for everyone else. 120 of us - family and friends - in total.

Annette, Nettie, Nett, Grannette, Gran, Ma, Mum all names for a woman who lived her life according to the requirements of church and society.

11 Sept 2017

When our Ma let down the tyres on Da’s bike, [remember he had Alzheimer's disease] she felt like such a traitor. No more freedom for that lad to ride the busy roads of Hamilton city. 

What preceded this was a visit from a Tradey who had checked something electrical at their home and had met both Ma and Da. Later that day the Tradey saw Da wobbling along Cobham Drive, a semi city-highway, and decided he would travel directly behind Denis until he had completed the trip, to his favourite Bowling Club, some 5kms. Such a kindness. He then drove back to Ma’s and told her what he had seen and done. She was very grateful and worried, and that was how she came to the sensible decision about the tyres and pump.

A Living and Dying quote:
"I have not left the land of the living; 
I have actually left the land of the dying, 
that I may enter the land where life is eternal." ANON come

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