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Is Life Worth Living?
It all depends on the liver!
[William James]

A double-entendre if ever there was one.
Discuss it's potential meaning and your potential with

- GABI [Gabrielle] DALY -
Lead Practitioner



  • SPIRITUAL DIRECTION -companioning in the Christian tradition
  • WEEKEND and ONE-DAY SPIRITUAL RETREATS include silent prayer practices like Christian meditation, Contemplative Prayer of the Heart, Visualisation, Lectio Divina, Visio Divina, Breath prayer, Journalling, Haiku writing...
  • EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAMMES [EAP] - Law Firms' and High Schools' staff
  • PROFESSIONAL SUPER-VISION - highly confidential listening, challenging questions, exploring, and talking. 
  •  "The Enneagram: A Doorway into                 the Infinite Circle of Graceat the Home of Compassion,  Island Bay, WELLINGTON - GUEST facilitatorDr Patrick Oliver, Brisbane, Australia. Friday evening April 21 to Sunday afternoon April 23.                
         COST: $160 [accommodation is extra]. 
  • To book a place: please contact Gabi. Limited to 30 places       
GRIEF AND LOSSTraining for Companions in "Seasons For Growth". 
This is a 2-day Training for working with children and teens; plus on-going support; and another 1-day Training for working with Adults. NOT NZQA accredited.

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