Compassio Services - Compassionate and Confidential
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PEOPLE IN CRISIS                                                 Do you have a long-held secret, or grief, or a past criminal action? Contact us by phone for a free conversation; leave your message and phone number clearly; no name needs to be given...polite language is hoped for.                                                                                                                     PROFESSIONAL SUPER-VISION 
For people in Leadership positions: Lawyers, School Principals, Accountants, Senior Social Work Managers, Counsellors, Spiritual Directors/Companions, people in Church Ministry, others...

EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAMME [EAP] - professional and confidential support for staff of any business, firm, school,  institute, factory, other... 3 meetings, paid for by the Firm/Company/School/Hospital Board...
PHONE: 0[064]21-112-6804

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