Looking ahead with our feet firmly in the present
Two Things:
1. As some clients are concluding their good work with us, Gabrielle is now seeking opportunities for paid work in writing, or to be engaged with more well-being work; please contact her using any of the details on this website.
2. FOR THIS WORK TO CONTINUE, we do need more attendees. Maybe you could offer to pay for someone to attend just one of these events as a birthday gift! Gabrielle did that recently for her dear friend Ita aged 89; it's such a loving yet practical idea too and one that she can recall and treasure for months ahead.

Journalling - Friday 3 October 2014 in School holiday time 
The third and last Journalling Workshop morning for 2014:  
"Righting my life by Writing" or if you prefer,
"Riting my life by Writing".
THREE places left.
10am - 12.30 or 1pm 
$10 or koha.                            Please Ph. 07-882-1574 
It is necessary to register.  compassio@xtra.co.nz
Only 2+ weeks to go!

And in 2015 
“FORTY WEEKS of Fridays” in Putaruru, the Haven of the Owl.
Most Fridays in 2015 Gabrielle Daly-Fong and John Fong will host morning events for anyone seeking to depth their experience of God.  A myriad of Christian prayer practices will be introduced and experienced over the forty weeks, most of them drawn from the book “Spiritual Disciplines Handbook” by Adele Ahlberg Calhoun. A programme/kawa/plan can SOON be found on this website www.compassioservices.com
Participants may feel free to join in on whichever Friday themes engage with them, and in particular notice which ones don’t resonate and (here’s a novel idea) perhaps choose to engage with them instead of setting them aside! Miracles can and do happen as a result. Some of you will choose to attend each one.
$15 or koha. 
People are welcome at 10am for a 10.30 start, finishing about 12.30.
Please phone 07-882-1574 to register.
These were popular last year and made a significant difference to people who either cannot afford a weekend residential Retreat, or whose health precludes that time away from home. One person took hers to USA and spent five weeks, daily using 5 of the retreat themes.

Enquire at compassio@xtra.co.nz  for
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