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"Soul-stretching ideas"
Benedictine, Sr. Joan Chittister, published a little booklet in 2015 titled "40 Soul-Stretching Conversations" published by Sheed and Ward. It is a book for Journallers, or those who want to start praying in journal-style.

Paul wrote this to the Romans - 14:5  
"Some people esteem one day as better than another, while others esteem all days alike. Let all be fully convinced in their own mind."

A comment on this in Conversation #20 from Joan:
"Life is a matter of attitude. It becomes what we bring to days are either wonderful or terrible depending on whether they take the shape I will for them...  [However] God is in the crevices where I never thought to look. 

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to purchase her books. They will change your relationship with God, The Trinity, one another.

At  Compassio Serviceswe explore such thoughts and concepts very carefully and tenderly from a variety of perspectives, and with a  suite of tools and creative practices to choose from.

Contact us to arrange a series of one-to-one meetings or even a group gathering to do so. 


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